Welcome to Deans Marsh Art and Photography Studio​​

Welcome to Deans Marsh Art and Photography Studio

Otways Photographer


Blending the creativity of art, the timelessness of

photography and the power of digital technology

Since its establishment in 2010, Renee Wigley Photography and Deans Marsh Art Studio has been an integral part of the Otways Region. 


Renee’s creative instinct and the amazing knack she has of capturing things that the eye does not see, allows others to see the world in a different way.  She is in popular demand as a photographer at local and not-so-local functions, immortalising special moments and sharing them with the wider world. 


It’s not surprising then, that Renee is often engaged by clients from far and wide for her personalised, high quality photography with edge.  Her creativity, joy and passion for her work shines even more when working one-to-one with clients for personal portraits, family photos, product photography, creating special moments with pets, and helping to make holidays last forever.


The Otways region is home to a diverse community with many stunningly creative, yet humble, people.  Renee is passionate about promoting artists and creative thinkers in the community and helping others to develop their talents.


The Deans Marsh Art and Photography Studio has been host to many exhibitions, community events, private tutorials and weekly art classes for kids.

A personal note...


As an artist, photography had given me a fantastic gift, the means to achieve instant gratification in my work!  I love painting, drawing and making a mess, but the feeling I get when I see that 'YES' shot through the viewfinder of my camera, is hard to beat!


Spending weeks on a painted canvas, slowly watching it come to life, layer upon layer is a wonderfully rewarding feeling.  I am however afflicted with 'artwork separation anxiety' and very rarely part with original works. 

This is where photography, once again has helped curb my artistic dilemma!


I invite you to explore this website and enjoy!  


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Yours Creatively,

Renee Wigley 

Deans Marsh Art and Photography Studio is located in ​​​the picturesque township of Deans Marsh, nestled into the foothills of the Otway Ranges, located 22 km from Lorne and The Great Ocean Road.
Do you have something special that you would like to capture and keep forever?
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